Nude Photos Prompt Scarlett Johansson Halloween Costume

September 18, 2011

With the recent (click for costume)  Scarlett Johansson nude leaked photos that have found their way online in 2011, the actress finds herself getting plenty of attention. Not only that, but one site believes it may be driving Halloween costume sales. Strange, but true! A smiling woman with blonde hair and wearing red lipstick.The Scarlett Johanson nude pics scandal started up just days ago. Cell phone pictures that are said to have been snapped by the actress of herself in the nude, were obtained by hackers and put online. That in turn has lead to legal action including the FBI. It also has Scarlett Johansson, the celebrity and actress in the news. While most celebs will pretend they hate the extra attention, most publicity is welcomed by them, good or bad.

Holiday Gift Nation believes a certain Scarlett Jo Halloween costume (click to view) is benefitting from all this publicity too. They currently note that the Black Widow costume, a sexy outfit based on the superhero from the “Iron Man 2″ movie, is in the top 10 and possibly climbing. The costume outranks another skintight favorite, Catwoman, and may be one of the more popular alternatives for those females who want to be dressed, not nude on Halloween. Whether or not females are flocking to costume sites to buy the costume because of Scarlett being shown nude online is another question though. It certainly raises the interesting question though.